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24th April 2010

The main barn frame was repaired in 2010. As many of the original timbers as possible were used and will be visible internally joining together with new oak to form the main structural support for the restored building.

20 March  2017 – 2 June 2017

The groundwork and foundations have now been completed.

20 June 2017

A new oak timber frame made by Oakmasters arrived on site.  This is the main southern addition to the building. Carpentry specialists, Dan Oakford and Ben Parker, worked with us to erect the frame using centuries-old construction techniques that joint together the frame with wooden pegged mortises and tenon joints.

Dan and Ben, the carpentry specialists, then made the northern and western additions to the barn.  They have now insulated all the walls to the building.

5 June 2017 – 16 June 2017

Outer brickwork has been done by various craftsman.  Sussex traditions for striking and pointing the traditional mortar have been used.

The stonework has been done by a Stonemason, William Penny, helped by his father. This is the craft of sorting dressed local stone into accurate geometrical shapes, at times simple, but sometimes of considerable complexity, and then arranging the chosen stones, in a traditional lime mortar to form the plinth wall structures.

Ongoing from 2 June 2017

Hidden into the frame, the electricians from Price Jones Electric, have laid many meters of first fix cables.

24 July 2017

The southern and western roof tiling work has commenced. Henry Lywood helped by Kia have sorted out the second hand clay tiles we purchased and have been working around the times of recent rain.

7 August 2017

The plumbing work has commenced.

The work continues.

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